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                Week Briefing News  2012/4/11 
                      New furnace builder "Schmetz" based in Menden, Germany recently landed an order for 2 vacuum furnaces with working dimensions of 600 x 900 x 600 mm. While we don't know the name of the customer we do know that it is a German company involved in the tool steel industry and a repeat customer. Scmetz is part of Metall Technologie Holding (MTH) which is one of the largest builders of new furnaces in Europe and includes companies such as B.M.I., HUISEN, IVA, MAHLER, RIVA and SCHMETZ. Commercial heat treater "Ionic Technologies" in Greenville, SC is certainly expanding these days as you can see in this press release. To the notes below we will add that Ionic Technologies was founded in 1998 and is part of the Aalberts Industries Group in Doorn, Netherlands. Aalberts is the second largest commercial heat treater in Europe and while the company also owns another commercial heat treater in North America Accurate Brazing they don't appear to have much interest in expanding outside of Europe. This press release does not specify what sort of equipment the company is adding but since Ionic specializes in Ion Nitriding and vacuum we would have to assume this is included in their plans. "Ionic Technologies Inc., a provider of high-quality heat treating and coating services to manufacturers to improve wear resistance on metal surfaces, will double the size of its existing operations in Greenville County. The $10 million investment is expected to generate at least 13 new jobs as the new facility becomes fully operational. Ionic Technologies will expand its current facility at 207 Fairforest Way from 18,000 square feet to approximately 38,000 square feet, completely updating and upfitting the space to a state-of-the-art heat treating and surface engineering facility in the process. The expanded space will also encompass an expanded distribution facility, as well as sales, marketing and administrative operations for the company." "Doug White" at Valley Heat Treat Company in Valley Park, MO has resigned from the company to explore other opportunities. "Premier Furnace Specialists" in Farmington Hills, MI., has landed a nice order for a 2 row pusher furnace from a manufacturer located in Michigan. In Europe we see that there is a French proposal "RQP1" which is being suggested as an alternative to the US "CQI-9" specifications for heat treatment of components for the automotive industry. The reason given? "The main objective is a modified version of CQI-9, better adapted to the French automotive industry and if possible to the European automotive industry." Seems like a step backwards as I thought the whole idea behind CQI-9 was to have a universal guide to heat treating of auto parts but our opinion wasn't asked. "Jones Metal Products Company" in West Lafayette, Ohio is adding more capacity in the form of a Recco drop bottom furnace and a 2800 gallon tank for hot water quenching. This equipment joins the original Recco drop bottom furnace and glycol quench tank already in operation. The equipment will be used for heat treating aluminum forgings and castings. "Metex Heat Treat" in Brampton, Ontario, Canada is expanding their Induction services and can now handle parts up to 72" in diameter and 5,000 lbs weight. With only a few exceptions most commercial heat treaters offer Induction hardening only as an afterthought however Metex (which concentrates on large volume fastener work) has long offered Induction and has expanded their Induction department dramatically over the years. The photo below shows the company induction hardening a large part. 
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